Monday, 22 August 2011

Great Britons: No news is ....

Well, another quick update - can't say much, but apparently The Committee [TM] will be continuing their deliberations for a few more days .....
How am I going to be painting their aeroplane with my fingernails bitten to the elbow, huh?  Meanwhile - trying to get some work done on the new project (which is really really top secret until I can get it together to write abut it).

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Phew! Interview done ....

Well, just a brief note to say I had the BA Great Britons interview before the selection panel in London, and it seemed to go pretty well - plenty of interest in my ideas from the jurors and some useful discussion on how things might work.  They interviewed about 8 people yesterday - a couple more this morning, then I guess they retire to deliberate...  Winner will notified at the weekend, but if you win you can't say anything until after the press conference later next week - how frustrating is that!!  If you see me in the Co-op buying champagne, draw your own conclusions.  So ... continue wishing me luck, and all that, and many thanks for everyone's support.  See you later...

Monday, 8 August 2011

I've been short-listed for BA Great Britons!!

Eeeeek!  Just had a phone call from a very nice young lady at British Airways to inform me that I have been short-listed as a finalist for the art section of the Great Britons contest!!  I have an interview in London at the Royal Academy of Arts next Monday in front of a panel including Tracey Emin.  They are only interviewing 10 candidates. Double eeeek!  Now - apparently we need somewhere to stay in London on Sunday night ..... anyone?  (They aren't paying interview expenses - slight problem for starving artists with no money in Wales).

More details are supposed to be forthcoming on the FaceBook page:

I would post one of the example designs I used for the entry here, but I'm told there will be a non-disclosure agreement to sign so best not at the moment, eh?  You can see my dorky entry video here though.
Watch this space ....!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I made a new thing !

I just made a thing here - why not click this link to go take a look!

(PS: You have to click when you get there too .... and again .... )

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Some new art!

Well, today is a bit of a red-letter day as I've been so busy trying to earn a crust that I haven't had time to actually finish any art for quite a while.  Here's a little drawing I've been working on for the last few days - a character study for an exciting new project I'm working on (more about that soon).  I think it came out quite well - all 'out of my head' - I just used a photo reference for the eye.
"Study for Aengus Óg" : ArtRage drawing on tablet PC : Copyright © 2011 by Martin Herbert

Painting sold

Sold a little painting at the 'Retrospectives' show in Newtown (which is still running, by the way, as is the 'Dragons' show at the Great Oak Cafe in Llanidloes...
This little 'Buddha' went straight away...  (it's actually of a Cambodian king, from Angkor Wat).

"Serenity" : Oils & tempera on canvas : 5" x 5" : Copyright © 2009 by Martin Herbert

Not sure how to get decent pictures of oils like this without the reflections on the canvas ... I'm going to try photographing it again before the exhibition finishes, as people have expressed an interest in prints.  I'm likely to be painting some Buddha paintings of similar size in the near future, if anyone is interested....

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Great Britons - News

Well, just a brief update - latest news on the Great Britons selection process is that "the task of selecting a shortlist of candidates has been so hard for our judging panel, which includes Tracey Emin herself, that we have had to delay the decision until Friday 5th August".

I can't stand the suspense.