Monday, 8 August 2011

I've been short-listed for BA Great Britons!!

Eeeeek!  Just had a phone call from a very nice young lady at British Airways to inform me that I have been short-listed as a finalist for the art section of the Great Britons contest!!  I have an interview in London at the Royal Academy of Arts next Monday in front of a panel including Tracey Emin.  They are only interviewing 10 candidates. Double eeeek!  Now - apparently we need somewhere to stay in London on Sunday night ..... anyone?  (They aren't paying interview expenses - slight problem for starving artists with no money in Wales).

More details are supposed to be forthcoming on the FaceBook page:

I would post one of the example designs I used for the entry here, but I'm told there will be a non-disclosure agreement to sign so best not at the moment, eh?  You can see my dorky entry video here though.
Watch this space ....!!

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