Saturday, 22 October 2011

A new drawing just completed ...

"Order & Chaos" : Original drawing in sepia ink and terracotta pencil on handmade paper : 28 x 22 inches
Copyright © 2011 by Martin Herbert
Hi all,

Just finished a new drawing which I've had in my head for some time.  it's now available for sale on

The perfection of the Fibonacci spiral, based on the golden mean, contrasted with the representation of mortality, decay, and devolvement into chaos. Entropy rules! The skull image may be a complete contrast with the perfect mathematical fluidity of the spiral - however the spiral form is appropriated by nature for the horns - all things are linked. The mathematical expression used in the background is the equation for the spiral itself.

Finally got around to making it, so here we go....

It's a unique original drawing in the most traditional media I can muster - similar to what my hero Leonardo Da Vinci would have used; sepia ink and terracotta (clay) pencil with white highlights, on rough 'deckle-edge' handmade paper prepared with a red earth egg-tempera wash. Overall size of the paper is 28.5 x 22 inches (72 x 55 cm).

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