Saturday, 10 December 2011

A wander through the heart of the artist... Entry for the Oriel Davies open 2012

"Functional Pumping Heart Model" : 71 x 52 cm : Ink, pencil, gouache, egg-tempera & transfer print on handmade paper :
Copyright © 2011 by Martin Herbert
New drawing I've entered for the Oriel Davies open exhibition for 2012 - a good show to enter work for in that the first prize is not only £1500, but also a one-man show in 2013.  Now that would be useful!  Vivi-Mari has entered as well ... fingers crossed.

Title - "Functional Pumping Heart Model".  Original drawing in sepia ink and clay pencil on handmade khadi paper, with transfer printed elements including a photo by Vivi-Mari (which is why it's only 'sort of' a self-portrait - I did lots of things to it, but the original photo is hers - I guess that really makes it our first collaboration - another one coming soon!).  A symbolic journey through the many byways of the heart.  I thought of the old idea of phrenology, assigning mental functions to different areas of the head, and transferred the idea to the assigning emotional functions (and dysfunctions) to areas of the heart.  Not for sale online yet, until I hear whether it's been selected for the show (mid Feb), but I'm always willing to entertain offers.  Now.. on with the next piece, in between decorating the house ready for Christmas, etc. etc.....
"Functional Pumping Heart Model2 (detail) : Copyright © 2011 by Martin Herbert
 I'm really into the Indian khadi handmade paper at the moment - it's 100% recycled cotton rag (made of offcuts from the t-shirt industry), completely non-acidic (i.e. archive quality), and has a superb heavy textured surface for the drawing techniques I'm using.  This is the first piece where I've used transfer printing, which I think looks great for including what are essentially collaged elements - Vivi-Mari's photo portrait, and the text captions I made up to add to the heart.  The heart drawing itself is based on an anatomical engraving from the original edition of 'Gray's Anatomy'.
"Functional Pumping Heart Model" (detail) : Copyright © 2011 by Martin Herbert

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