Tuesday, 5 June 2012

"Luvverly Jubilee" : New really not official portrait of the queen

"Luvverly Jubilee" : Sepia in, red chalk, white gouache on tempera-washed heavy watercolour paper, with transfer-printed lettering : 13" x 10.5" : Copyright © 2012 by Martin Herbert
A little drawing I was just inspired to do for the Royal Jubberly - now up for sale on ebay - bidding starts at a mere tenner.  A bargain, I´d say ... where else are you going to get a unique Royal souvenir for that price, eh?  I reckon this should be in that there exhibition of queenly portraits wot's on at the National Portrait Gallery.  Dunno why I always get overlooked when they´re putting this sort of thing together ... sigh.

Ideal purchase for the rabid royalist on your life.  Go on, 'ave a punt, guv.

"Luvverly Jubilee" (detail) :  Copyright © 2012 by Martin Herbert

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