Friday, 3 May 2013

It's Summer!! No, really! Let's celebrate!

I decided to celebrate the onset of summer by having a sale in my store, and doing a bit of a feature here about the stuff there, as there's quite a selection of different styles (over 140 items on sale at the moment!).

The most important bit: You can enter the discount coupon code MAYDAY2013 at checkout to get 20% off your entire order - anything in the shop... and you can get to the store by clicking Right Here.

Moving on ...  prices in the store range from just over £2 ($3 US) for greetings cards, through £16 ($25) for mounted mini-prints, typically £25 ($40) for a medium sized print, and £100+ ($150) for a large one.

There are some original drawings available with prices ranging from $60+ ($90) to over £1,100 ($1,800).

A lot of the items are already priced low as they are surplus stock from my former real-world gallery here in Mid-Wales where we live.  Some are in styles I don't really work in any more so are unlikely to be repeated, but some are more contemporary.  Take a look at some examples (click on the headings to go to that section of the shop):

Greetings cards:

For a start, there's a whole series of 12 birthday cards featuring birthstones for every star sign, as well as many cards featuring my older artwork.  I'm not printing any more at the moment - it's not really economical to print small quantities, so these are the last!  I recommend a set of all 12 crystal cards - that way you'll always have a spare on hand at the last minute for those colleagues whose birthday you've only just remembered!

Mini prints:

There's a selection of older artwork available in a small print size with a 10" x 12" mount included, suitable for a standard sized photo-frame, like this painting "The Rebirth of Venus".

Full-sized limited edition prints:

Last stock of signed and numbered limited edition giclee prints, e.g. "I'm for the Hare that Runs by Night".  (24" x 36" approx on fine-art paper).


A few posters on lightweight paper - really cheap!  On the right the standing stone with sun-goddess picture ... "Unto us a Sun is Born".

Original drawings:

... and some more recent work - a few original drawings available, like "That Tracey Emin Says my Art Looks Like a Plane Crash" (see left).

Organic abstract prints:

.. and lastly some small versions of the organic abstract prints from the 'unlikely realms' collection, which are featured in the video installation at my current exhibition "Synthesis" at MOMA Wales in Machynlleth.  I'll be adding some of the full-sized limited edition versions to the shop later in the month - watch this space!

So - I hope to look in a bit more detail at some of the older work over the rest of the month.  In the meantime, remember, the 20% off sale lasts until May 20th!  Enter the discount code MAYDAY2013 at the checkout!

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