Thursday, 19 September 2013

Want a cool new website of your own ?

Don't you wish your website was just like me ... ?
Note: If you want to start with the cheap deal, skip to the end before you go back and read the rest of the sales pitch!

I know there are plenty of artists out there who, like me, would like a clean simple web presence with a contemporary feel and no clutter, where it's easy to add new work and manage things without having to pay your web designer to update the site when all you want to do is put up the new painting / installation / photos / construction / video etc. you just made.
  • You don't want it to cost a fortune and take weeks to set up.
  • You do want it to be a highly professional showcase for your art and an easy point of contact where people can find you.
  • You don't want to have to divert yourself from the business of making art and teach yourself web programming because it's too expensive to get someone else to do it.
That's why I decided that, having had fun setting up my own site, and seeing that I think I have a good idea of what most artists want from a website, AND since I was a computer programmer and website guy in a previous life, I'd offer a cost-effective solution for other artists. So here's the deal:
  1. Setup: £395 gets you up and running with a new clean and contemporary artist website with your own domain name, similar to my own site at It should take around 2 weeks from when I receive your content. You pay a deposit of £195 when you order and the balance when it goes live.
  2. Maintenance option 1: If you are happy managing your own site content and reasonably confident that nothing will go horribly wrong then you can pay £12.50 a month (or £140 a year) to cover domain name renewal, hosting on the web server, and email/phone support for minor issues. I will give you instructions on how to upload your own content to add new work to the site and so on. If you need me to do more work on the site, then it costs £50 per 'incident' (which is tech speak for fixing something when it goes wrong).
  3. Maintenance option 2: On the other hand, if you'd rather not get involved with managing the site at all and you just want me to look after everything for you, then you can pay £25 a month (or £275 a year) which means I will upload all your new work, make all and any changes you want and fix absolutely anything, as quick as I can. No extra costs (unless you want a total rewrite of the whole site of course!).
I think that covers more or less everything! If you'd like to talk about putting together a new artist site, please get in touch via the contact form on my website (click here) or email martin [at]

One last item: I need to do a couple of websites quick so I have more to show to potential clients, so I'm offering the first two sites at a knock-down set-up price of £225. If you'd like a really CHEAP deal, get in touch quick!

Peace and stuff, 

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