Thursday, 13 September 2012

A bit of a tidy up again - found a couple under a blanket

Hi all ...

First of all many thanks and congratulations to Roger, who secured the Welsh Grand Slam print on ebay at an advantageous price ... time for another Thing I Found in a Corner...

"Double Running" : Giclee : 2006 : 96 x 46 cm : Original unique monoprint : Copyright 2006-2012 by Martin Herbert

"Double Running" is a one-off print which I made for an exhibition at the Welsh Quilt Association gallery in Mid-Wales in 2006.  It depicts a male/female couple in running posture under a large sheet of draped gauze-like material.  The printed area is almost a metre high and half a metre wide.  The predominant colours are sepia, pink, and light turquoise and there is an overall 'grainy film'-like texture.

It symbolises concealed courtship, coyness, misunderstandings, misdirection, coupled with an optimism that it will all turn out in the end - the couple are madly pursuing one-another, but somehow keep going round in circles and never quite making connection ... their understanding is clouded by the gauze which lies over them.  They will make it in the end ... but they're going to have to learn to stop both trying to make the running and figure things out together.

It's an unusual piece ... not really like anything else I've done, and is unique.  The original digital file no longer exists - only these web-resolution images, so it is impossible to ever print another copy - I'm offering it at a very knock-down price as part of my studio-clearout series ... things I found in dusty corners that I'd forgotten I had!

More things I found in dusty corners coming soon!

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